Metro TREN

Have you ever ride a TREN?

Its the cheapest way to commute Tutuban to Alabang  and vice versa.

Before it can travel up to Bicol. (Night travel)

Have you met the new Metro TREN?

For us commoners, we surely did ride and saw the TREN :)

And one saturday afternoon, December 11, 2010, my mom and I will go to Espanya. If we will ride a cab, it will take a zillion years for us to be there! Blame it on the heavy traffic because of overpopulation of Cars and Motorcycles, we chose to take the TREN.

Its our Lucky day! :)  Kasabay lng naman namin ung mga naguuwian galing office. And take note, guys which I think are construction workers :p No offense but it’s true! Haha. And guess what just happened. Every station, the people riding is twice as those people taking off the tren. Siksikan lang naman sya sa madaling salita.

Hindi lang sya siksikan. OMG! Every people getting on the tren is my every move to the corner too. I am so little (yeah i know, but chubby, still i’m little!) imagine me being sandwich by HUGE men whom i don’t know at all. Good thing the new TREN is air conditioned. It helps with the air circulation!

3rd station from FTI station was PASAY RD. And the people we’re a lot! And best thing of my day is that, even being sandwich with those people i don’t know is that they cared to girls like us. Some sacrifice their seat for my mom, some are just snob:)

They didn’t even or single took advantage with the awkward positions.