Nikon D3100

Saturday, my papa woke up me around 11 am, said we’ll go to Hidalgo. I was shock, because it only means one thing. He will finally buy me a cam in replacement of my Olympus cam. It’s so confusing on which camera to buy, Nikon or Canon.

Of course, I jump all over the stores to canvass. My papa just sat on a Canon reseller store. Such lazy! First stop is Henry’s, they offer the newest offering of Canon which just came out last week, Canon 1100D, 12MP with HD Recording.

If my memory serves me right it’s about P 28, 000. But i opted to ask other models, 550D, 500D and 1000D because it’s also on the budget. :) Then i got into Watson Photography, they offer Nikon D3100 for about P 27, 500 with 4G SD card. I think that is reasonable. they offer Canon 1100D for 28, 000.

I skipped from store to store, I forgot the names. The only store that offers the cheapest Canon 1100d for 26,000 is on the right side if you came from SM Manila, it has 3 year Canon warranty and 4G SD card. Almost on the end of the street, the stores there offer lomo cameras and 2nd hand Dslr’s. I even caught a guy selling his Nikon D5000 for 17, 000! What a steal! I just did not find time to ask the reason for selling.

After almost an hour of deliberating with my thoughts, i decided to go back to Henry’s. Men, they were crowded! I can’t tell how many, but the store is not that big enough, good thing I’m a little girl that fits everywhere. Haha

Oh at first I want to go back at avenue but then decided to go back! Haha. Finally made up my mind and wanted to get the Nikon D3100. I bought the kit, then decided to get lens soon.

14MP and it has HD recording too. And it took quality photos! It’s not like the price-y DSLRs, but it’s better for me :) I bought it for P 27, 000 with 8G SD card and a bag! :) The other freebie option was a tripod. But i thought I don’t need it for now.

The prices I posted here was  the price last April, 2, 2011. At Henry’s they change price whenever the supplier called in. The minute I bought mine, the owner shouted the Nikon D3100 is now up for 27, 500 that quick! Now i’ll be posting some of my quirky photos at tumblr! :) Because here in WP, it’s a personal blog and I don’t want to turn this in some kind of a photodump. So please follow me, click here!

Now, i’m thinking what lenses to buy.

First option is AF-Nikkor 50mm F/1.8D


It is among Nikon’s sharpest lenses ever, and it took images with a highly blurred background. Ideal for scenery or full-length portraits. But I don’t know the price yet.

2nd option is getting a AF-S Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8G

Enhanced optical formulas, engineered to produce exceptional sharpness, contrast and color, render outstanding image integrity. I need Madam Auring to choose one! Haha



I am so stressed this Sunday because I just came from a boring Saturday shift at work. I slept about 10:00 am and woke up around 3:00 pm. Then I decided to go to Market, Market! I bought some accessories and shorts. That’s it.

I dropped by at Muji, Bonifacio High Street to check some items, random items that I might wanna buy.

Yung pababa na lng ako ang pinost ko para maiba naman.

These cute colorful things caught my attention. I don’t know what are these and didn’t bother to check what is it. So I think they are not that much cute. Gulo

I was supposed to capture the chair to show it to my mom, then it got blurred. Haha

Some skin care that I’m not interested with. Haha

I want to buy these for my mom but I’ll show it to her first. Arte kasi! She really loves kitchenware :)

Then suddenly I saw these storages which remind me of something.

I remember that my drawer at home needs a general cleaning, because the things inside the drawer is a total mess. That leads me to another entry!

Senior General Assembly

General assembly for graduating students was finally held last February 11, 2011. So what would be the topic then? Of course, about our graduation. Ahh, I felt very overwhelmed that time. The feeling of finally graduating is heaven :) To accept your diploma and toss your hats for college graduation is a bit different. I felt like I never experience graduating before, grade school and high school.

First, the estimated breakdown of expenses was discussed. Settled. Some few reminders from college professors, complete our requirements, do not cram and pass all the remaining subjects! Done.

Then we have some voting to do, whether to hold our commencement exercises inside or outside the school. Of course, outside! We’re almost 450 graduating students for 2011 of Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Taguig Campus. And these were the choices.


1,074 Seating Capacity. Approximately Php70,000, so that would be Php150+ each graduating student.


8,000 seating capacity. We can bring our parents, relatives and partners! Yay. Php220,000+, Php500+ for each student

3. NBC TENT :)

My personal choice! Who would not want to graduate here?! Hayy. Seating capacity of 1,400. Can still bring parents! Php240,000, so it’s Php550+ / student. It’s not that expensive! But it’s not the crowd favorite.

4. Tangahalang Pasigueno

Last option is this! Former Pasig Conventional Center. It’s where Pilipinas Got Talent held their grand finals. 1,300 seating capacity, around Php20,000 – 30,000 for rental. That’s Php50 – 70 / students. What a steal! But rumor said that it’s hot here and it’s too far!

Guess what place won? Number 4. Ugh! I still want NBC Tent. You will only graduate once, and you’ve spent 4 years killing yourself with stress, pressure and cramming so why not reward youself in this way? Hayy, my sentiments would not be considered naman over 300 students!

Happy Graduation 2011 Graduates! :)