Nikon D3100

Saturday, my papa woke up me around 11 am, said we’ll go to Hidalgo. I was shock, because it only means one thing. He will finally buy me a cam in replacement of my Olympus cam. It’s so confusing on which camera to buy, Nikon or Canon.

Of course, I jump all over the stores to canvass. My papa just sat on a Canon reseller store. Such lazy! First stop is Henry’s, they offer the newest offering of Canon which just came out last week, Canon 1100D, 12MP with HD Recording.

If my memory serves me right it’s about P 28, 000. But i opted to ask other models, 550D, 500D and 1000D because it’s also on the budget. :) Then i got into Watson Photography, they offer Nikon D3100 for about P 27, 500 with 4G SD card. I think that is reasonable. they offer Canon 1100D for 28, 000.

I skipped from store to store, I forgot the names. The only store that offers the cheapest Canon 1100d for 26,000 is on the right side if you came from SM Manila, it has 3 year Canon warranty and 4G SD card. Almost on the end of the street, the stores there offer lomo cameras and 2nd hand Dslr’s. I even caught a guy selling his Nikon D5000 for 17, 000! What a steal! I just did not find time to ask the reason for selling.

After almost an hour of deliberating with my thoughts, i decided to go back to Henry’s. Men, they were crowded! I can’t tell how many, but the store is not that big enough, good thing I’m a little girl that fits everywhere. Haha

Oh at first I want to go back at avenue but then decided to go back! Haha. Finally made up my mind and wanted to get the Nikon D3100. I bought the kit, then decided to get lens soon.

14MP and it has HD recording too. And it took quality photos! It’s not like the price-y DSLRs, but it’s better for me :) I bought it for P 27, 000 with 8G SD card and a bag! :) The other freebie option was a tripod. But i thought I don’t need it for now.

The prices I posted here was  the price last April, 2, 2011. At Henry’s they change price whenever the supplier called in. The minute I bought mine, the owner shouted the Nikon D3100 is now up for 27, 500 that quick! Now i’ll be posting some of my quirky photos at tumblr! :) Because here in WP, it’s a personal blog and I don’t want to turn this in some kind of a photodump. So please follow me, click here!

Now, i’m thinking what lenses to buy.

First option is AF-Nikkor 50mm F/1.8D


It is among Nikon’s sharpest lenses ever, and it took images with a highly blurred background. Ideal for scenery or full-length portraits. But I don’t know the price yet.

2nd option is getting a AF-S Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8G

Enhanced optical formulas, engineered to produce exceptional sharpness, contrast and color, render outstanding image integrity. I need Madam Auring to choose one! Haha



As a continuation of one of my greatest weekend, after being drunk I decided to go to Glorietta. Of course my main goal is to buy my love of my life

Haha. I just can’t get enough of them

Well of course it’s payday so decided to shop something for me. Thought it’s going to be easy but not. It’s happy payday so I wanted to buy more, but I shouldn’t.

Went to various stores, Top Shop, Zara, Dorothy Perkins, Marks & Spencer’s to buy my mom a blouse, but I found nothing. Hayy

Went to The Ramp Crossings and heaven :)

I found my 2 new little babies

Wedge Peeptoe


And wore them for my usual days

Off to Seminar

Off to visit My Best friend (Another entry)

Yay, I’m so in love with them <3

Bieber Fever

Justin Bieber will have his first movie based on his own life it is since he was an adorable kid who loves to play drums. And i guess, all of his fan are going nuts over this upcoming movie (that includes me).

In the February 2011 issue, Vanity Fair interviews Justin Bieber, the 16-year-old pop sensation who idolizes the Beatles and dreams about visiting the moon.

Photographer captured JB as he plays his guitar and picnicked in the sun,

while dozens of young fans screamed.

Gaah. I am so excited with his movie. Even so with his 1st concert here in Manila. Will surely get front row tickets. :)

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We have a subject Logistics Management, one of our Major for our last year in College. And we need to visit a manufacturing company/industry to find a possible problem they are encountering. Good thing my friend’s sister is working on a manufacturing company, I think it’s Inscriptive Incorporated, they manufacture modules and life size of different character, but they call themselves EPiSODE 3. I also ask why, the people there simply said, our boss loves Starwars Episode 3, that’s simply it. Haha, nothing special.

On the way to the Factory,

Eating @ MCDO, while showing off our watches :)

Waiting, after eating. MCDO Models.

At first we’re doing our tasks,

Do’s and dont’s. And we are simply on the don’t side.

Our tour guide-slash-contact person

Interview with Ms. Jacq Donesa

Their printing and cutting (HUGE) machines.

But then our plant tour turn out to be a photo shoot. Haha

@ The Forest

Standing brave at a scaffolding

Benj – 1st man to cross the other side of the scaffolding

Harvey – 2nd man to cross

Jerome – last man to cross / crawl? :D Haha. He’s so funny, because he’s very scared to cross the scaffolding!

Harvey tried to help him, but it doesn’t work :p So he stopped trying.


Cutting Machine Models

Hello Kitty :)

Her dwarfs

I forgot who is she :(


With Winnie and Tiger

And Fairytales do end!

More photos on my Facebook account.

After that photo shoot, we are so tired. We even have a nap at Ms. Jacq’s office! :D That’s about it! XOXO