From there to WordPress

I was like 14 years old when i engage myself to Social Networking. I then realized that i want to share something, there’s a lotta things in my head that i want to share.

But. I was renting at a cafe before, i was a highschool student with minimal allowance for renting at cafe (because most of them i want to spend in shopping :P) Kidding aside, i started with the ever famous Friendster. Who doesn’t use FS right? I was updating myself

there like sheeez, most of the time. Because as i have said i want to share. I met new friends, foes and new family :)

I joined a clan, it was a fad for teenage boys/girls like me way back 2005. I was very hooked to it, i’m even a chatter before, if your familiar with Linktv, DestinyChat, and so forth.I went to GEB’s, clan meetings. Haha, i shared a lot.

Anyway, when i entered college i get bored. I stopped all the high school stuffs that i’m used to. But i never said that i’m matured by

that time. :D Then i started using multiply, sharing again. MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Formspring, and then Tumblr.

Now i’m 19 years old, i think i’m on my way to maturity, not quite. I’m careless and adventurous, i think its the same. But whatever it is, i’m thinking of a better way to share my thoughts via wordpress :)