Bieber Fever

Justin Bieber will have his first movie based on his own life it is since he was an adorable kid who loves to play drums. And i guess, all of his fan are going nuts over this upcoming movie (that includes me).

In the February 2011 issue, Vanity Fair interviews Justin Bieber, the 16-year-old pop sensation who idolizes the Beatles and dreams about visiting the moon.

Photographer captured JB as he plays his guitar and picnicked in the sun,

while dozens of young fans screamed.

Gaah. I am so excited with his movie. Even so with his 1st concert here in Manila. Will surely get front row tickets. :)

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I am a PBB fan. I never missed every episodes and seasons. And my favorite season is the Melai-Jason Season, i meant PBB double-up :p

My mom always say, “It’s scripted, stop watching it”

But i never stopped watching. I think they are pretty cool together, how a Clumsy-Probinsyana Girl Melai made MejoBadboylook-Quiet Jason fell in love with her. I guess i know :)

Anyway look at Melai before,
















And now,

















It’s a total transformation. So if you want more of that Melai-look.

Grab a copy!