I’m actually a korean movies/show fan. Especially koreanovelas.

The stories are good, and much different than our lame telenovelas which has the same stories or some are just a remake from the past. I think the industry should invest on that more.

Anyway, I’ve been watching Comedy Boot Camp since last year, or since Animax started airing it. It made my ass laugh out.

The only hard thing to do is, watching while reading subtitles. I don’t know where will i get hold of my senses.

I always had this hard time when watching movies that i browsed in the net. So I think they should better start studying the international language, no offense though.

But good thing with Comedy Boot Camp is you don’t have to read the subtitles. Just watching them making funny stunts/challenges are funny enough. :)

I have nothing against Koreans. All i believe is i want their shows, but at least make it possible for us to understand you easily. :)