Senior General Assembly

General assembly for graduating students was finally held last February 11, 2011. So what would be the topic then? Of course, about our graduation. Ahh, I felt very overwhelmed that time. The feeling of finally graduating is heaven :) To accept your diploma and toss your hats for college graduation is a bit different. I felt like I never experience graduating before, grade school and high school.

First, the estimated breakdown of expenses was discussed. Settled. Some few reminders from college professors, complete our requirements, do not cram and pass all the remaining subjects! Done.

Then we have some voting to do, whether to hold our commencement exercises inside or outside the school. Of course, outside! We’re almost 450 graduating students for 2011 of Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Taguig Campus. And these were the choices.


1,074 Seating Capacity. Approximately Php70,000, so that would be Php150+ each graduating student.


8,000 seating capacity. We can bring our parents, relatives and partners! Yay. Php220,000+, Php500+ for each student

3. NBC TENT :)

My personal choice! Who would not want to graduate here?! Hayy. Seating capacity of 1,400. Can still bring parents! Php240,000, so it’s Php550+ / student. It’s not that expensive! But it’s not the crowd favorite.

4. Tangahalang Pasigueno

Last option is this! Former Pasig Conventional Center. It’s where Pilipinas Got Talent held their grand finals. 1,300 seating capacity, around Php20,000 – 30,000 for rental. That’s Php50 – 70 / students. What a steal! But rumor said that it’s hot here and it’s too far!

Guess what place won? Number 4. Ugh! I still want NBC Tent. You will only graduate once, and you’ve spent 4 years killing yourself with stress, pressure and cramming so why not reward youself in this way? Hayy, my sentiments would not be considered naman over 300 students!

Happy Graduation 2011 Graduates! :)


Viva Sto. Niño

January 16 would be the Fiesta of Sto. Niño nationwide, and here in our Taguig we really celebrate it. Like every year! Last year we have Games, as in super outdoor games, cute kids dancing and boodle fight. This year we had something different but fun pa rin!

Parade of different Sto. Niño

They are beautiful

Some talented guys

People from our neighborhood =)

Yo! =)

Free flowing drinks for overnight!

Pa.cute! Hehe

Some kids entertaining people :) Note: What happen with you only gay este guy? :p

Boodle Fight. Boys turn. Haha

Too bad I don’t even have a picture of me eating :p

Look at my cousin. :) Haha. SO cute!

These kids shouldn’t be up and partying with us that night. Tsk tsk

There is one landmark to get to our street, which is the Plaza 9 (Nueve) court. And my friends, when they join liga they called their team, P9 HOOD. I’m proud to be part of P9 HOOD :)

We may not have all the wealth in the world to celebrate, but at least we have each other. Respect and love between all of us. :) XO

Feel the Love Generation

I had a very hard time deciding which event i would attend

They both look delicious. Haha Except that i know Bob since i knew House, with Trance never been a fan of it but it still made me dance, whatever music actually. And to the fact that i don’t know Dj Markov, sorry to his fans. So i end up going to Bob Sinclair, courtesy of Paulo <3

I’ve struggled actually just to attend, because all of my girlfriends have their own plans! I’m with nobody, i felt like I don’t have friends. But I did go with my friends though!

And i’m happy I chose the one I really like and enjoyed the night!

I’m happy Marj is there too!

Passes =)

DJ Benjo Marquez

Fan pic! =D

I shouldn’t hold a can of beer or any kind of alcohol daw because I look like a minor haha

Tim Yap. Yay

These man really enjoyed it

Rajo *2handsdown*

Having fun!

Went home past 3 with smile on my face :)

Weekend Overload

This last weekend January 15 and January 16 went to my list of greatest weekend.
To sum it up, after shift (6am) we headed to CNK which is just in front of Chatham House.
We grabbed something to drink (alcohol to drink) :)

MLM+AT&T+LEE&PH (another entry)

After being drunk, i decided to stop by at Glorietta. Since it’s happy payday i think i should reward myself.(another entry)

Just slept for few hours, then went to Bob Sinclar: The First Big Party 2011 (another entry)

Woke up 12 in the afternoon after partying, then realized it’s Fiesta. (another entry)

Be back <3