We have a subject Logistics Management, one of our Major for our last year in College. And we need to visit a manufacturing company/industry to find a possible problem they are encountering. Good thing my friend’s sister is working on a manufacturing company, I think it’s Inscriptive Incorporated, they manufacture modules and life size of different character, but they call themselves EPiSODE 3. I also ask why, the people there simply said, our boss loves Starwars Episode 3, that’s simply it. Haha, nothing special.

On the way to the Factory,

Eating @ MCDO, while showing off our watches :)

Waiting, after eating. MCDO Models.

At first we’re doing our tasks,

Do’s and dont’s. And we are simply on the don’t side.

Our tour guide-slash-contact person

Interview with Ms. Jacq Donesa

Their printing and cutting (HUGE) machines.

But then our plant tour turn out to be a photo shoot. Haha

@ The Forest

Standing brave at a scaffolding

Benj – 1st man to cross the other side of the scaffolding

Harvey – 2nd man to cross

Jerome – last man to cross / crawl? :D Haha. He’s so funny, because he’s very scared to cross the scaffolding!

Harvey tried to help him, but it doesn’t work :p So he stopped trying.


Cutting Machine Models

Hello Kitty :)

Her dwarfs

I forgot who is she :(


With Winnie and Tiger

And Fairytales do end!

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After that photo shoot, we are so tired. We even have a nap at Ms. Jacq’s office! :D That’s about it! XOXO