M.A.C Magic

I am actually working and rendering OJT at the same time. No wonder why i got Pimples on my face, Eyebags and tired bod.

I really admit that this pimples is staying for awhile now. I don’t use face creams, but I use Garnier. To make it short, i am not that vain when it comes to my face, i’m even used to baby powder, but not now anymore.

Its been awhile since i actually woke up to the fact that baby powder is a mess and pressed powder is not good.

And i just recently got my M.A.C Mineralized SPF 15 Foundation/Loose (Medium plus)

With the use of my M.A.C, i can easily hide them for awhile. :)

Sorry for the cropped pictures!

It’s a relief actually. And i should better have a remedy for my growing pimples. Anyone knows? :( I don’t want to have these for long. It’s really itchy and bothering, you know. :(

Well, to find different shades of the Mineralized Foundation click here and to find the nearest store click here!