Ever since Ash Wednesday last week, i gave up eating Meat for my lenten sacrifice. That means no meat at all, including these.

OMG! and this?

My favorite BBQ! Oh no! But hey I still have this babies!

You will only sacrifice every lenten season, so sacrifice the most. We do have different beliefs and this is my belief. Let me know what’s your sacrifice!

Tell me what will you differently sacrifice this year and how. Just simply leave a comment on this post and you’ll get a chance to have FEED Bracelet distributed by Forever21!

This is a bracelet with a cause, FEED has agreed to provide 2 school meals for hungry children through the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) for its sales of each FEED 2 bracelet to Forever 21. Meticulously handmade in Guatemala by women artisans, each bracelet color represents the country designated to receive the 2 school meals through its School Feeding program.

  • Silver: Pakistan
  • Black: Kenya
  • Red: Swaziland
  • Yellow: Sri Lanka
  • Blue: Haiti
  • Gold: Honduras.

But, you also have to choose the country bracelet that you want to have and why do you want to help that country.


I will not eat meat for my lenten sacrifice this year, etc.

I chose blue feed because haiti had  a rough year last 2010.

Contest will run until Holy Monday! That is April 19, 2011. There will be ONE winner. Spread the news! :)



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