Last year I was in a hurry to get all my stash into one storage. I was thinking this one

So I rushed to Market, Market, straight ahead to Ace Hardware and luckily found what’s exactly on my mind

Originally, this is a 4 layered drawer, I just had my papa glued them I think. Haha


I have this entry last Sunday after seeing storages at Muji I felt guilty because back home my stash are looking crazy. I know, being a girl should be organized, so in the back of my mind i think twice. Haha

Found these drawers with different things on it! So probably my missing things were just lying here.

Haha, this are random things that I seldom use or not using at all! The lighter, it’s just for fun, i’m not smoking! I found my memory card! :) Yey

Do not put your hair clips along with other necessities! Gah

This gate pass was for Bob Sinclair! :)

This drawer was somehow organized, but putting make up with my accessories is not such a good idea

Now I know why my rings are broken, after using them i’m just putting it here!

I collect price tags! ;) Not to boast them of course. I love the different designs. I’ll show you my album (of price tags) soon

I know! :) It’s messy! But I did somehow manage to organize them for about 1 hour I think haha

Before my watches are alone naman, I don’t know why the hell some things were put there accidentally. lol

My rings are safe and sound

Things I don’t normally use goes to one drawer

I adore cute hair clips, especially if it’s a bow or flower

My price tags are still intact hehe.

All of my make up went to my original make up purse

Now I learned my lesson, if I don’t want to do unexpected cleaning I should make sure alll of my things are organized :) Be good kids!



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